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X-stream Propagator Lids

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Product description

Nutriculture X-stream propagator lids are integral part of X-stream Aeroponic Complete kits. The X-stream offers all the benefits of a propagator lid in a larger, more versatile design than anything else on the market. By increasing your plants' warmth and humidity the X-stream enables you to create and maintain the optimum growing environment for young plants. The X-stream offers excellent value for money and is large enough for up to 231 plant cuttings.

The benefits are:

  • Clear temperature control - the first and only product on the market with large adjustable butterfly vents for increased environmental control.
  • Easy to use - lightweight and with no assembly required.
  • Much taller than the average propagator - added height provides increased time to grow plants on.
  • Added control over airborne pests and disease.
  • Removable protective film - protects young plants by diffusing the light and can be removed as plants develop.
  • Plant protection - protects young plants from damaging draughts and harsher conditions.
  • Versatile - this is ideal for use alone or with a large number of possible trays and arrangements, including the Atami Wilma, Garland Giant tray and Grodan SBS's.

Available sizes:

  • 12 site and 20 site - 19.5" (495mm)L, 15.5" (395mm)W, 7.5" (195mm)H. Volume: 15ltr. 
  • 36 site - 28" (705mm)L, 13.25" (340mm)W, 7.25" (185mm)H. Volume: 20ltr.
  • 105 site - 42" (1070mm)L, 22.5" (570mm)W, 8.5" (220mm)H. Volume: 70ltr.