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Wilma is made by Nutriculture (the same people behind the legendary Gro-Tanks and the Aeroponic Propagators). If you’re growing in pots look no further than the ‘Wilma’ system, it offers the simplicity of growing in a pot, with better results. The ‘Wilma’ enables you to provide your plants with optimum feeding, preventing water-logging, which is common with hand watering. Using of a segmental timer it allows you to feed the plants little and often. The frequent feeding and flushing helps prevent salt build up which is also common with hand watering and any unused nutrient, simply drains back into the reservoir.

Thanks to an ingenious re-circulating drip-based design that’s capable of accommodating any type of growing medium, you can expect to achieve fantastic results courtesy of a Wilma System whether using pebbles, rockwool, soil or coco! Each system comes supplied with all the different drip stakes you need, so if after a few crops you fancy changing the growing media – you quite simply can! Moveable pots and handy pot location pins on the top tray make the Wilma System incredibly flexible and enable you to quickly and easily reposition plants for uniform crop growth. What’s more, Wilma Systems and Air Pots have now been partnered together giving you a hugely productive upgrade option for our established kits! Note: Air Pots are the most effective choice if your plants are going to be in a system for a long period of time.