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Diamond Filters

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Product description


Filters come individually boxed and bagged to ensure that preabsorption has not occurred. They are fitted with a protective pre-filter to help prevent premature clogging in dusty situations. IKON Filters use only the finest virgin Australian carbon which, when activated, has a very unique density containing an even distribution of micropores and mesopores ideal for filtration of air or odour molecules. IKON Filters have an anticipated life span of 24 months and they come in fifteen (15) different sizes suitable for any need. IKON Filters weigh less than comparable-sized filters due to superior carbon choice - a better distribution of pores means proper filtration the first time without having to pack more carbon of a lesser grade.

Available sizes:


  • 100/300 - 310m3/hr
  • 125/300 - 360m3/hr
  • 150/300 - 540m3/hr
  • 150/600 - 900m3/hr
  • 200/300 - 650m3/hr
  • 200/600 - 1000m3/hr
  • 250/500 - 900m3/hr
  • 250/750 - 1500m3/hr
  • 315/500 - 1750m3/hr
  • 315/750 - 2500m3/hr

Example: 100/150 – 200m3/hr

100 = Diameter of the filter opening (in mm), indicates the size of the fan / ducting
150 = Length of the filter (in mm)
200m3/hr = How much air can be pulled through the filter, indicates the size of the room your can use this filter for.