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Nutriculture GT205 NFT System 1st Hydroponics

Hydroponics Starter Kit: Nutriculture GT205 NFT

If you’re new to hydroponics, the idea of setting up your first system can be a daunting one. Many suppliers of hydroponic systems try to make this first step easier by selling complete hydroponics starter kits, ready to go straight out of the box. In this guide we take a look at the Nutriculture GT205 [...]


SystemAir RVK Fan

Creating the ideal growth environment for your plants is what hydroponics is all about. Besides the quality of the growth medium and fertilizers it’s also crucial that there is good air circulation around your plants to obtain the maximum yield for your crop; the SystemAir RVK extractor fan is an essential tool for this task. [...]

plant magic plus nutrients organic growth stimulant 1st hydroponics

Plant Magic Plus Soil

Your crop is going to hate nothing more than an inhospitable growth environment; such a soil base is only going to slow of stunt the growth and will inevitably detriment your yield. It’s all about being proactive and making steps to ensure that you give the soil and plants what they need when you can. [...]

IONIC Nutrients by Growth Technology 1st Hydroponics

IONIC Nutrients by Growth Technology

Getting the right nutrients to your plants is crucial to obtaining the maximum yield with your crop, but how do you go about ensuring that you don’t disrupt the precious balance within your hydroponics system? The IONICS nutrients range by Growth Technology is produced to do just that. The act of mixing and administering nutrient [...]

Homebox Silver grow tent 1st hydroponics

Homebox Silver

Boasting a robust range of grow rooms, cloneboxes and complete home hydroponics kits, Homebox grow tents have become synonymous with quality. Made from hard-wearing and high-value materials Homebox are confident that the Homebox Silver is built to last. The Homebox Silver comes in kit form, easy to assemble and re-assemble if needed – all of [...]


Flood & Drain Table Kit

The Flood and Drain table kit is a very versatile kit that you can use to grow almost anything. It’s particularly ideal for growing the ‘Sea of Green’ way. Designed for ease of use, the Flood and Drain table kit comes with everything you need to start growing straight away other than a segmental timer [...]


Gro-Tanks Complete Kit

Nutriculture Gro-Tanks Complete Kit is UK’s best selling hydro system. With Gro-Tanks you are ready to grow – just add nutrients and starter media. Gro-Tanks are great for any grower looking for extra yield. Ideally sized to use in a grow tent or narrow grow rooms. How NFT Gro-Tanks system work: NFT stands for ‘Nutrient [...]