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Homebox Silver

Price: £159.99

Product description

The Homebox Range of instant indoor growrooms can be used to satisfy almost all your gardening needs. Whether you are using the Homebox family to grow, bloom, clone or simply provide your plants with a nursery, you’ll find the Homebox range gives you complete control over your Growroom requirements and its environment.

The "HOME-Box" is a complete kit structure that comes neatly packaged in a small, compact box, ready to assemble with simple instructions. High-value materials guarantee longevity. All parts are re-usable. Quick and simple to assemble Canvas outer shell & reflective PVC material inner Includes sewn in zippers for easy access. Metal frame work with plastic push lock corners. All components manufactured to the highest quality. Once closed, sealed and virtually light proof. Filter Support - For hanging your carbon filter please use the robust support provided. The Homebox features additional supports for hanging your reflector, lamp and additional equipment.

Intake – Inlet - At the base of the Homebox is an extra inlet for using Intake fans, cabling, piping from outside reservoir and other equipment. The Homebox is fully designed to suit multitudes of different systems from Pot systems, N.F.T or Ebb & Flood. High quality Zips - The top-to-bottom zipper, combined with the side-to-side zippers at the floor and roof gives you easy access to the interior of the grow box. Water Resistant Floor - A removable floor is included with your Homebox. It's water-resistant and washable. Ideal for growing with earth. Pots can be placed directly onto the water resistant floor. Outlet feature - The roof area comes with an attachment to mount your exhaust fan and filter plus a 6-inch outlet sleeve for ducting from the exhaust fan!

Available in size:

  • L 100 x 100 x 200cm
  • XL 120 x 120 x 200cm

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