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Homebox Home Kits - XL Kit

Price: 469.99

Product description

Based on the fast development in the area of the grow systems (ebb & flood, NFT, Hydro etc.). With almost a half m2 base more than the basic Homebox version you can set up a professional growroom also an external tank can be connected.
The Tent Has A:
A metal inner structure with strong precision nylon push-lock corners
Once closed the entire unit is sealed and virtually light proof
Heat-sealed, water resistant additional flooring
Equipment and filter support provided
Ventilation Windows!
Quality sewn in zippers for easy access
Inlet and outlet tubes!
Re-usable parts
High-quality materials guarantee longevity
The basis for successful and safe growing

The Homebox XL Kit is a complete kit structure that comes neatly packaged in a small, compact box, with simple step by step instructions, assembly is complete in a matter of minutes.

KIt Includes :

  • Homebox XL x 1
  • Lamp - Sylvania Grolux 600w x 1
  • Ballast - W.L.S. Magnetic 600w Ballast x 1
  • Reflect - Standard Reflector x 1
  • Filter - Ikon Filter 150/300 x 1
  • Fan 1 - VK Fan 150 x 1
  • Fan 2 - TT Fan 125 x 1
  • Plus - Easy Rollers for Easy Light Adjustment x 2

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