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Fan Silencers

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Product description

Ruck Rigid Silencers

Rigid silencers can easily be installed to your inline fan and ducting and will help to reduce the noise levels that are created by the fan and the air that passes through.

These rigid silencers are manufactured with a spiral casing of sheet metal and a perforated sheet internally. The space between these two sheets is 50mm and is filled with mineral wool of various types and density, a layer of fibreglass mat is fixed to the perforated sheet to hold all mineral wool in place. The ends of the silencers are formed sheet metal reduced to size to fit fans and ducting, a gasket around the rims of the silencers ensures a good tight seal when fitted.

These rigid silencers can be mounted horizontally or vertically in your grow room, and if you are connecting directly to a fan, we recommend the use of a fast clamp. A good tight seal on all fans, rigid silencers, ducting and fittings will ensure to help lower the noise levels from the air passing through in your grow room.

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