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BAC PK Booster Nutrients

Price: 4.99

Product description

This B.A.C. PK Booster is a product with proven results in the professional agriculture and horticulture sectors in the Netherlands. This PK Booster ensures an exuberant sugar forming in your flowers. As a result of this, the quality will improve significantly. Because B.A.C. PK Booster is especially developed to meet the needs of your plants, it will not disturb their natural balance. B.A.C. Organic PK booster is custom blended using Soil Association approved ingredients. Due to the contents of PK Feed there is a high level of micronutrients and sugars that will work in harmony with the B.A.C. mycorrhiza (funky Fungi). Also contains Yucca, which has natural saponins (wetting agents),to aid penetration of the plant feed into the soil or cocos. One single purpose: a maximum yield in terms of quality, taste and smell. 1-3ml per litre
Available in:

  • 500ml
  • 1litre
  • 5litre

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