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Amazon Basic Kit

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Product description

Nutriculture Amazon Basic Kit - for retailers who prefer to create their own kits. Get the heaviest yields – fast. The Amazon Aeroponic system offers experienced growers the incredible performance and yields of aeroponics, at an affordable price. With systems available from just 80cm long, it offers unbeatable yield per square metre.

How The Amazon Aeroponic System works:

The Amazon is an aeroponic growing system. Young plants or rooted cuttings are placed in mesh pots and suspended in a misting chamber that sits on top of a nutrient solution tank. The roots are constantly misted with nutrient solution whilst being suspended in air and grow down into the chamber. Unused nutrient solution drains back into the tank so there’s no water-logging and no restriction of oxygen to the roots, plus there’s no build up of damaging nutrient salts in the root zone. Plants grown in an Amazon Aeroponic System have constant access to nutrient solution and oxygen. They take up much more water and nutrients than plants fed a few times a day. The more oxygen, water and nutrients a plant can absorb, the better the yield. Unrestricted access to oxygen, nutrients and water = explosive growth!

Why the Amazon Aeroponic System produces great results:

  • Maximum possible exposure of plant roots to water, nutrient and oxygen
  • Healthy root zone – lack of growing medium reduces risk of pests and disease.
  • Never under-fed or under-watered and no nutrient build up.

The benefits of the Amazon Aeroponic System:

  • Perform - incredible growth and the biggest yields.
  • Easy Transplant - transplant 50mm pots directly from the X-Stream into the Amazon or transplant cuttings into the 80mm pots with a few clay pebbles.
  • Clean and very little waste - only growing medium used is the medium that the plants are started in or, if transplanting from an X-Stream, no medium at all.
  • Flexible - 5 lid options to suit any growing arrangement, grow in 50mm or 80mm pots. Grow a large number of short plants or a few very large plants.
  • Practical - easy access to root chamber for inspection and maintenance.

Amazon Aeroponic System hints and tips:

  • Golden Rule: Leave the pump on 24/7. For optimum aeroponic results, the roots need constant access to water, nutrient and oxygen.
  • The Amazon is a very flexible system. Use the clone collars supplied to block lid holes that are not in use and space plants out in the desired arrangement, or simply swap lids.
  • Young plants started in 1” rockwool SBS cubes or Jiffy C’s can be transplanted into an Amazon. Like NFT, they must be root bound before they go into the system.
  • When transplanting plants into the Amazon without a clone collar, place a square of B+W sheeting around the base of the plant to prevent light from entering the root chamber.

Amazon Basic Kit contains:

  • Tank
  • Chamber
  • Lid
  • Pump
  • Delivery System
  • Mesh Pots

Amazon Basic Kit is available in two sizes:

1. Amazon System with:

  • 4 plant sites (small 50mm and large 80mm hole basic)
  • 8 plant sites (small 50mm and large 80mm hole basic)
  • 16 plant sites (small 50mm hole basic)
  • 32 plant sites (small 50mm hole basic)

2. Twin Amazon System with:

  • 8 plant sites (small 50mm and large 80mm hole basic)
  • 16 plant sites (small 50mm and large 80mm hole basic)
  • 32 plant sites (small 50mm hole basic)


1. The Amazon has a 50 litre reservoir. The tank size is 31" (787mm) x 26.5" (673mm) x 8" (203mm) and the chamber size is 29.5" (750mm) x 29.5" (750mm) x 5.5" (140mm).

2. The Twin Amazon has a 100 litre reservoir. The tank size is 63" (1600mm) x 26.5" (673mm) x 10" (140mm) and the chamber size is 2 x 29.5" (750mm) x 29.5" (750mm) x 5.5" (140mm).