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AeroGarden (Black)

Price: 119.99

Product description

AreoGarden is a new home gardening applieance that boasts miracle-like growth of fres herbs and other produce at just a push of a button.

1st - Hydroponics are proud to announce a new range of systems AreogardenTM.
AreogardenTM is a fully automatic drip feed hydroponic system wich includes lights. No pH or EC control is needed, it is simply plag and play and will open up Hydroponics to the masses for the first time.
The AeroGarden is so simple to use - just pop the growing pods into the appliance, plug it in, add the specified amount of water and nutrients, then just watch it grown. It's foolproof as the system automatically adjusts nutrient delivery and water flow and even automatically turns the grow lights (supplied in the kit) on and off. The AeroGarden comes with a starter Herb Kit. There's also a choice of 8 seed kits and a kit that allows you to choose what type of plant you want to grow (Master Garden Kit ). This fully automated system has been designed for maximum efficiency, using less energy than a 60w bulb.
Even the seasoned gardener will be surprised by the results this new technology, boasting both energy efficiency with an organic based environment.
Imagine year round herbs and salads growing in your kitchen!

· No weeds or pesticides or muddy hands!
· No green fingers required!
· From seed to picking lettuce in 5 weeks!

The AreoGarden has a footprint of 41cm x 27cm.

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